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This Dutch specialty has been popular in Holland since the 1800s. These crunchy cookies are filled with a deliciously creamy thin layer of syrup.

Product code: 1407
Unit size: 250 g
Unit barcode: 9421902244001
Case barcode: 09421902244018
Case configuration: 15 x 250g
Shelf life: 365 Days

A wafer waffel with a coffee cream filing.

Product code: 1408
Unit size: 175 g
Unit barcode: 8710476805488
Case barcode: 87140476814286
Case configuration: 18 x 175g
Shelf life: 365 Days

These Dutch Speculaas Cookies are a classic windmill shape with a  unique spicey taste.

Product code: 1409
Unit size: 250 g
Unit barcode: 6562701971
Case barcode: TBA by supplier
Case configuration: 16 x 250g
Shelf life: 540 Days