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Emmi Fondue

A combination of Swiss cheeses and wine, to be gently melted in a fondue pot or saucepan. Traditionally eaten by dipping crusty bread pieces or pieces of boiled potatoe and other peeled or ‘al dente’ vegetables.

Product code: 166
Unit size: 400 g
Unit barcode: 7610900064038
Case barcode: 07610900193271
Case configuration: 12 x 400 g
Shelf life: 337 Days

Appenzeller Wheel

Appenzeller Wheel – cured in the famous herbal brine.

Product code: 333
Unit size: 8 Kg
Case barcode: 7610900150540
Case configuration: 1 x 8 Kg
Shelf life: 90 Days

Emmentaler 1/8 Wheel

Emmentaler 1/8 Wheel with classic large holes.

Product code: 210
Unit size: 10 Kg
Unit barcode: 7610900131051
Case barcode: 7610900131068
Case configuration: 2 x 10 Kg
Shelf life: 180 Days

Raclette Wheel – Traditionally melted on bread and potatoes.

Product code: 335
Unit size: 6 Kg
Unit barcode: 7610900170241
Case barcode: 7610900148400
Case configuration: 1 x 6 Kg
Shelf life: 90 Days