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Lemondor is the premium quality brand.
The best juice enriched with the essential lemon oil.
It is obtained by the squeezing of the best lemons, from the sun-kissed Sicilian hills and special winter harvesting. Its taste is naturally enriched with the pure and precious essential lemon oil from ripe citrus peel. The pack is a patented Polenghi design with exclusive features such as handiness of use and guarantee of longer freshness.

Product code: 2334
Unit size: 125ml
Unit barcode: 8031301880079
Case Barcode: 18031301886566
Case configuration: 24 x 125ml
Shelf life: 24 months


Mexico is the second largest lime producer after India, with over 150.000 hectares.
Giancarlo Polenghi selects the best limes from Colima Region, at the feet of the Pacific coast volcano, where the favourable climate ensures rich crops. The ergonomic packaging, with its innovative design, contains and preserves all the special properties of lime. Lime juice is an excellent thirst quencher and ideal for preparing cocktail and soft drinks.

Product code: 2335
Unit size: 125ml
Unit barcode: 8031301880062
Case Barcode: 18031301886573
Case configuration: 24 x 125ml
Shelf life: 24 months