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Steriltom Super Fine Extra Thick Tomato pulp was created for pizza makers who require a product that is thick, ready and easy to use on pizza, without compromising on freshness. It is a fine pulp with a size of 4 x 4mm with a consistency like no other on the market. This product is Halal

Product code: 1294
Unit size: 10Kg
Unit barcode: 8007193004855
Case configuration: 1 x 10 Kg
Shelf life: 730 Days

A tasty sauce, rich and easy to spread on the dough, which does not give up on the freshness that distinguishes the good Tomato Pulp of Italian tomato. The jar version is characterised by higher thickness and the presence of a pinch of salt to adjust acidity.

Product code: 1360
Unit size: 4Kg
Unit barcode: 8007193004695
Case configuration: 3 x 4 Kg
Shelf life: 730 Days